Italian greetings are very easy to learn, but don’t forget to pay attention to the communication contest (formal or informal)! 😉


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Ciao, come stai? In today’s lesson we are going to talk about Italian greetings. Are you ready to learn both italian formal and informal greeetings with me? Let’s start then!
In Italy people use to greet one another with a smile or a gesture (ie a movement of the hands). We Italians are famous all over the world for our gestures and for talking with our hands.

The use of greetings doesn’t have rigid rules, but sometimes you’d better learn how to greet people according to the different contests of daily communication.

Once landed in Italy you will meet both people you already know and people you don’t know, just like new friends, colleagues, working partners and so on. Thus it is extremely important to know how to greet everybody in the right way.

Let’s start soon by taking a look at the most common informal Italian greeting!

Ciao! ———> It translates both Hello and Hi, and it is the most frequent greeting among friends and colleagues, but of course it is not proper to greet your teacher or your doctor saying: Ciao! Sometimes it is also used in an informal context with the meaning of Goodbye.

In a formal context, if we want to give a good and professional impression, it is always advisable to say: Salve!(Hello, Hallo or Hi).

Arrivederci! ————————————————> informal Goodbye!

Arrivederla! ————————————————–> formal Goodbye!

Ti saluto! —————————> informal, it literally means I greet you!

La saluto! —————————–> formal, it literally means I greet you!

A domani! ————————-> formal and informal See you tomorrow!

A presto! ———————————> formal and informal See you soon!

A dopo! ———————————-> formal and informal See you later!

Italian greetings may also vary according to the moment of the day we are speaking in. Take a look a the examples below.

When we meet someone in the morning time we say:

Buongiorno! (or Buon Giorno!)—————————-> Good Morning!

After lunch time till 6 p.m. people say:

Buon Pomeriggio! ————————————–> Good Afternoon!

From 6 p.m. till people go to bed:

Buona Sera! ——————————————- —-> Good Evening!

Before going to bed:

Buona Notte! ————————————————-> Good Night!

There are moreover some idiomatic expressions just like:

In bocca al lupo! ———————————————-> Good luck!

Stammi bene! ————————————————–> Take care!

Buon viaggio! —————————————> Have a nice travel!

Buona vacanza! ———————-> Have a nice vacation/ holiday!

Dr. Biagio Faraci

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